Christopher Ograin

Dr. Ograin is the Director, Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator of the UCSB Mathematics Project. He is a Teaching Professor at UCSB with a joint appointment in the Departments of Mathematics and Education. He oversees the various institutes and workshops of the UCSB Mathematics Project, directs project personnel in their roles, and ensures rigorous mathematics content and engaging teacher practice for participants.

Rachel Lambert

Dr. Lambert is a Co-Principal Investigator, Assistant Director and Research Advisor of the UCSB Mathematics Project. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education in the Gevirtz School of Education. Her scholarly work investigates the intersection of disability studies in education and mathematics education. Her goal is to increase access to meaningful mathematics for students with disabilities. She also constructs research models, implements program evaluation, and supervises graduate student researchers assisting with the program.

Jeff Linder

Mr. Linder is an Assistant Director for the UCSB Mathematics Project. He is the Mathematics Specialist at Montecito Union School and a veteran of UCSB Mathematics Project leadership. He specializes in mathematics instruction for primary grades, and his role at MUS is to assist teachers in facilitating mathematics lessons and to provide math enrichment for the students. Mr. Linder provides his expertise in various areas of mathematics education, especially for our elementary school teachers and our leadership cadre.

Fawn Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen is a Mathematics Teaching and Learning Specialist at Amplify Education. Her team provides professional development to in-service teachers and works with offices of education and districts as adoptions unfold. She is a veteran leader with the UCSB Mathematics Project, and is an expert at designing activity-based and inquiry-based lessons for use in the classroom. She is also very knowledgeable about technological resources and applications appropriate for use by teachers and students.

Abbey Shaw Linder

Ms. Shaw Linder is a first grade teacher at Rio del Sol Elementary School in Oxnard. She is another veteran teacher leader for the UCSB Mathematics Project. Her expertise is in engaging mathematics teaching practices for primary grades, especially number talks and models for understanding addition and subtraction.

Kristy Guerrero

Ms. Guerrero is a second grade teacher at Canalino Elementary School in Carpinteria. She has many years of experience working with children in mathematics classrooms and working with teachers in professional development workshops. She is an expert in teaching practices that guide children to conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.

Hani Pajela

Ms. Pajela is the Program Assistant for the UCSB Mathematics Project. She is a graduate student in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at UCSB specializing in Mathematics Education. She provides assistance for running the various workshops and collects data for program evaluation.